We are a group of dedicated people who fall into two groups.  Dermatologists, Surgeons and Mohs Specialists and individuals who have had direct and extensive personal experience with skin cancer. That is why we care — because we approach the alarming growth of skin cancer from both ends of the spectrum — both professionally and personally.  From the people who get skin cancer to the people who treat it. SOS Saving our skin (one cell at a time).


The Florida Skin Cancer Foundation's mission is to prevent skin cancer through education, advocacy and awareness — we're saving our skin one cell at a time.


Our goals are to education, advocate and raise awareness. It is our goal to educate, inform and involve Floridians with skin cancer prevention information, best practices, resources and research finding. We will advocate for the importance of skin cancer prevention and support prevention initiatives on the local and state levels. We will continue to raise public awareness with skin cancer prevention messages through effective marketing.